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Inna - In Your Eyes


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I want yout body
Won’t live without it
So, turn up the party
I'm feeling naughty

Stay close to me
I'll be all that you need
Don’t deny what you want baby
I want your body
All I desire
You relight the fire
Just come with me
Come with me

Just gonna let it go tonight
All I want is you
Thousand shades of blue
Dancing in your eyes
I'm just gonna let it go tonight
I just wanna be
Hold you close to me
Dancing in your eyes

I want your body..

I want your body
It's getting hotter
The beat is louder
I know you want me
And, I want your body


Adaugat: 2013-03-10-05-45-15
Vizualizari: 119
Numar de voturi: 6

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